Good Morning USA! How are you doing today? Are you doing okay? I know we haven’t spoke much recently. We’ve been busy stuck in our homes or watching where we are going in fear of Covid. We’ve seen riots of hate and injustice, embarrassment of our leader tweeting and pouting, our children learning virtually, and to top it off so called patriots invading our own White House. We’ve been through so much in just short of a year since Covid began. We lost so much! Our love ones and friends, our colleagues and acquaintances gone to a virus that no one seem to be able to control. First responders, teachers, truck drivers, doctors, nurses and even food delivery personal have become our local heroes as these people are finally recognized for always put themselves on the front line.

I was sitting in the cafeteria of where I work this morning, watching the sunrise. The beauty of the sun peaking up in the night sky, changing dark to light. In this moment, I realized how calming and peaceful the sun rising is. I wish this kind of calm and peace across our great nation. I wish that injustices where no more and race was not an issue. I wish our people can survive this virus and it will be controlled. I wish for the day we can once again walk outside our homes without face mask and see each other smile. I wish for our lives can be somewhat like it was before we were quarantined. I wish for every one across our nation and beyond to find happiness, love, freedom, justice, and I pray that we can overcome anything…. together! Unity… unity to all of us!