Please I beg of you, explain to me when the dating world changed so drastically!!! When did it become known that it is expected to have sex on the first date? If the guy buys you dinner or a drink, he is expecting sex!!! Some of these message men send are equally degrading?! Why does it matter what size my breast are? Why do you think it is okay to ask for nude pictures after meeting me 30 seconds ago? What the fuck is going on here!!!!!!! What happened to the days, when men had respect for women? I truly miss a man who will open a door for me, bringing me flowers for no reason or even placing his hand in the small of my back as he escorts me to our table or even while strolling in the park. I just don’t understand why I have to lower my expectations for some guy who obviously has no expectations of being a better man. What is the deal with men consistently standing up a woman? I do not understand why it is so hard for men to make time for a woman that they claim to like so much and wants to date. Please don’t tell me it is hard for a single dad to find babysitting, if he really wants to see you then he will move mountains to see you!!!

Call me old fashioned or even a hopeless romantic, but that doesn’t change the fact that the morals of our society is in the crapper! When men decided it is acceptable to dip their stick in any woman of their choosing because they feel they can; then they are sending a message that they have no respect for women. Why do we allow them to degrade us like this? Come on women!! Where is you are self- worth??? You are better than that! You deserve better than that!!

When a man tells you that he wants to see you but never shows up, he is clearly stating that he is not interested enough in you to make time for you. So why are we putting ourselves through hell waiting for someone who will never make time for us??? Move on women!! Stop limiting your options, the right man for you is still looking for you!

Same goes for a man who is too demanding or uses fear to trap you. He does not really care about you or love you. His intentions are for self gain. Move on from these men! I would think it is the time for women to start standing up and tells all of these men… NO MORE!! Respect us, treat us well, keep your stick in your pants, feed us without expectations of something in return, stop being a no-show and actually make time to be with us!!! Otherwise we are strong enough to walk away from you, and be the free-spirited, independent women that we are. We don’t even need a man to pleasure ourselves thanks to our trusty sexual devices!! The only difference is we WANT a good man in our lives! We don’t need a man, but we want a man….

Please understand that I know that there a few good men in this world that do respect women. I know there are few women in this world who add to the degradation of good women by their poor choices. All I am clearly stating is please don’t assume that every woman wants sex on the first date. There are a few of us who actually want to know who you are and would like to build a relationship with you. Not even woman wants to be disrespected or even left to feel unworthy. Standing a woman up is one of the worst things you can do to a woman. Why do it? Mean what you say, show up and be real!